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We invite you to experience the nuances of our superbly roasted beans but caution that your concept of coffee will be forever changed.


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Check out our global, seasonal menu of 15-22 single origin coffees. We are all about Bean-to-Cup and our menu changes from harvest to harvest.

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A day without coffee? Yikes! We've got you covered. Every 21 days, freshly roasted, shipped, and delivered to your door.

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From farmer to roaster - it's about terroir, climate, politics, society, education and commitment. Join us for a series of classes and learn about coffee and its impact on the world.

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Events and Classes at Pour Richard's Coffee

View events and classes happening at Pour Richard's Coffee.

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Farmers' Connection

Pour Richard's works directly with farmers to bring you the highest grade of specialty coffee.


Pour Richard's supports community - we host numerous events from bridal showers to book signings. We participate in fundraisers and auctions throughout the year.

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Pour Richard's global and seasonal menu offers a vineyard experience much like wine-tasting, but with specialty hand-picked coffee cherries. Our menu features 15 to 22 single origins of coffee.


Our Distillery is now open!



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