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Going to Guatemala!

Rich's Direct Trade Coffee Trip

In three short weeks Rich is headed to Guatemala for Pour Richard’s spring harvest direct trade coffee trip! These direct trade (DT) trips are about specialty coffee, sustainability and economic freedom!

Direct trade means there is NO broker or middleman to set or negotiate prices. Price is based on sustainable farming practices and the quality of each coffee bean which is assessed by a licensed Q Grader. Q Graders adhere to an elaborate series of scoring parameters. Each coffee cherry is meticulously hand picked when ripe. Rich works with farmers to adhere to these standards and PR’s pays a premium for the fruit of their labor. Farmers who make this commitment are able to set their price and invest in their farming practices, families and futures. For PR’s this means travelling to amazing places and forming lasting relationships with people!















Guatemala boasts 14 eco-regions and diverse climates! For a state smaller than Pennsylvania this is a feat! Not all ecoregions in Guatemala have a climate that is suitable for growing coffee and that’s what we’re most interested in!

Guatemala is currently the 10th largest producer of coffee in the world and half of it is shipped here to the USA. In Guatemala coffee accounts for 40% of their agricultural export revenue! Wow!

The Guatemalan coffee on our menu is from Huehuetenango, a region with some of the highest growing altitudes in the country - somewhere between 5,000-6,000 ft. These coffees are some of the most complex and tasty ever and why we love them so much!

Roasting and brewing coffee are important parts of our business; but they wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful without direct trade relationships with farmer.

So, next time you sip PR’s House Blend coffee, (which is a blend of Guatemalan and Costa Rican beans) you can think about the Guatemalan farmers and Rich’s trip, and savor every sip.

Stay tuned for travel stories when Rich gets back!


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Posted 5 years ago by Pour Richard's Coffee Staff