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Class Information:
Pour Richard’s Coffee Co. is all about coffee education.

  • Where does our coffee come from?
  • Are the beans farmed and processed responsibly and sustainably?
  • What footprint do farming and processing practices leave on earth?
  • Who gets paid?
  • What is specialty coffee and why does it matter?
  • How is coffee roasted?
  • What multi brewing and single brewing methods make a great cup?
  • What is espresso?
Take a Class:
1. Origins and Processing
2. Roasting
3. Grinders
4. Single Cup Brewing Methods
5. Multi Cup Brewing Methods
6. Espresso

Cupping and Pairing Opportunities

Join us at the penny bar for a free weekly cupping every Sunday at 2pm! Book a private cupping or pairing after hours. Pour Richard’s has been featured in Naked Brewing’s Micro Lots. See us soon as a coffee liquor. We work with small batch Fromageries and Chocolatiers.



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